Hi, I’m Rosie!


Qualified through the European College of Bowen Studies (now CBS), I’m a member of the Bowen Therapy Professional Association. I’m fully insured to practice and registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

I have a real passion for the Bowen Technique – not only giving treatments but I love to have Bowen myself!

Previously I worked as a paramedic and a teacher but I decided to train as a Bowen therapist after seeing how the treatment had made the life of a relative worth living again!

She had suffered with nausea for over two years having had a mini-stroke or TIA. Nothing could be found medically and nothing seemed to help except acupuncture but the effects lasted only a few days.

At her wits end and feeling that life really wasn’t worth living, she took up a voucher she had been gifted for a Bowen Therapy initial consultation. And the rest is history!

Since qualifying I have undertaken further training in assessment which has allowed me to adopt a more client-centred approach to my treatment. I have also studied the lymphatic system as well as doing some work on using the body meridians as defined by Chinese medicine. Linking this knowledge up with Bowen Therapy is making for interesting results.

I am a Reiki Master and can offer the benefits of this therapy to clients too. Reiki means ‘universal energy’ and this is proving to be an exciting journey for myself as I connect with the world around me on a whole different level.

One of the positives of the ‘lockdown’ experience was learning a technique which can improve scar tissue in a variety of ways, not just its appearance. The process of completing the case studies was a real priviledge as the volunteers, some of whom were strangers to me before the treatments, allowed me to hone my skills on parts of their bodies they seldom touched themselves. I shall be forever grateful for their courage in doing so and will always marvel at the results which may be achieved with McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release.

If I’m not practicing therapies then you will probably find me developing plant-based recipes or out in the garden, getting stuck into the latest project! I’m also a keen runner. I find that using the Bowen Technique keeps me injury-free for the most part and should I be unfortunate enough to pull or strain anything, my recovery is quick and I can get on with doing what I love; getting out and about in our beautiful Devon countryside!

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