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Bowen Therapy

Barnstaple, North Devon

Is there a health issue holding you back from reaching your fullest potential?

With this holistic approach to health, your body is encouraged to respond to gentle touch in order to promote both physical and mental wellbeing.

What is the Bowen Technique?

The Bowen Technique (also known as Bowen therapy) is a complementary therapy that aims to restore balance within the body. It involves the practitioner using their forefingers and thumbs to move over muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia in particular places on the body.

This alternative therapy can be effective to help relieve everyday stresses and revitalise the whole person.

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Who can have Bowen therapy?

The Bowen Technique is suitable for all ages and stages – from birth through to end-of-life care.

People who look to Bowen therapy don’t fall into one particular category. They might have problems related to structure, for example problems with muscles or joints. Some clients might be looking for support with symptoms related to their digestion or breathing while others might be looking for support with emotional issues such as anxiety or with sleep difficulties.

There are very few reasons not to use the Bowen Technique and these mostly relate to specific areas combined with specific conditions rather than an overall contra-indication.

Here’s what my clients are saying …

“I have had minor aches and pains in my neck and shoulders and with just one treatment they have completely disappeared. From being sceptical at first I would highly recommend this treatment.”


“I’ve just finished a course of three sessions with Rosie as I was really struggling with glute pain and thought I’d try something different. I can honestly say that the acute pain has gone. I can really recommend that you give Bowen a try and Rosie is excellent!”


“I carry tension in my neck and shoulders. I was genuinely amazed at the almost instant feeling of relief! I sat up and it felt like a literal weight had been lifted from my head. Rosie is approachable, puts you at your ease and knows her stuff.”


About Me

With a background in emergency healthcare and education, I decided to learn about the Bowen Technique after seeing how treatments had transformed the quality of life of a relative.

Rosie Roome Bowen

Clinics are run from my home therapy room and Aleafia Fitness and Wellness Centre in Barnstaple.

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